Director - Medication Assisted Treatment Project - Full-time (Grant-funded) - WellSpan Philhaven (52

General Summary:
NOTE: This position is temporary and is dependent on ongoing grant support from the US Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA), lasting up to 3 years. It is a fulltime position and will be dedicated completely to the WellSpan Medication Assisted Treatment (WSMAT) Project.
Under the general supervision of the Senior Director-Innovation & New Service Development, WS Philhaven, works with the Health System and community stakeholders in 5 counties to coordinate, manage and expand a Hub and Spoke model for Medication Assisted Treatment.
Duties and Responsibilities:
1 Establishes and convenes core team, multi-stakeholder ad hoc team and subcommittees as needed to implement the grant project.
2 Provides strategic direction for WSMAT. Using the deliverables and activities identified in the grant application, works with core team and others as needed to assess current status and develop strategies for each domain (i.e., prescribers, community partners, recovery support services, social work, therapy, access call center, prenatal and postpartum, emergency department, residents, behavioral health practices and primary care practices). This assessment and collaborative identification of strategies will result in a three-year strategic plan for the project in context of WellSpan's broader strategy related to addiction services.
3 Regularly interfaces with individuals in each of the domains identified above. Provides leadership and point of contact for each domain. Leads a quarterly core team meeting to evaluate project status as related to strategic plan and grant deliverables, making adjustments to strategies and activities as needed.
4 Working with Clinical Leadership, develops clinical best practice MAT standards including, but not limited to, working with each program to develop program standards related to census and staffing, job satisfaction, skill development, compliance with front-end policies and standards and referral development; developing standards for consistent documentation; working with individual program managers to maximize utilization of each facility; overseeing compliance with HR standards and procedures related to ethical practices and regulatory compliance.
5 Monitors grant data collection and oversees the work of the WSMAT Data Analyst to identify trends and opportunities reflected by the data.
6 Works with WellSpan programs to utilize the collected data to monitor the performance of WSMAT programs including, but not limited to, routinely monitoring customer satisfaction including patients, families, schools, MCO's and county agencies; developing feedback systems for the clinicians to continuously improve the quality of clinical services; routinely verify that the services documented were provided as documented; trends data and uses to improve the services provided; developing PI process for all services; collecting and using data to improve the services that are provided.
7 Develops access standards for consistent front-end processes to support WSMAT services. Works with WellSpan Leadership and stake holders to develop and maintain easily accessible scheduling processes; develop processes to ensure efficient data collection, authorizations and billing; maintain awareness of managed care procedures and requirements; standardize processes across programs where possible; monitor compliance with standards and provide staff with routine feedback; develop policies and standards regarding the use of electronic medical record and billing systems and providing training as required to ensure consistent use and application.
8 Works with Grant Office to ensure all grant requirements are met, reports are submitted on time, and all expenses paid from the grant have adequate documentation and justification.
9 Establishes meetings and communication mechanisms between core team, stakeholder group and subcommittees as well as the larger WellSpan leadership team.
10 Provides data for and participates in meetings with MCOs and other funding agencies to discuss financial sustainability of WSMAT. Works with WellSpan team to ensure that services that are developed are fiscally sustainable post grant and that processes are in place to ensure that billing opportunities are maximized.
11 Helps facilitate the development of standard work for MAT prescribing through protocols and procedures and the development of processes (reports and audits) to ensure that standard work is being followed and updated as appropriate.
12 Serves as a WellSpan contact with the legal system (treatment courts and prisons) to develop and maintain collaborations around MAT.
Required Skills
Interpersonal skills, both verbal and listening, necessary to communicate effectively with others in the accomplishment of administrative and clinical duties as well as in community contacts
Analytical skills necessary for the interpretation of financial and performance improvement data, the design of treatment plans, and the evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of treatment programs
Analytical skills necessary in order to organize, plan, and direct the work of operational aspects of clinical programs, including implementation of the strategic, marketing and financial plans for the program
Required Experience
4 years of significant management experience in a health-related field
Master's degree in psychology, organizational development, behavioral health or related field

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